Citizen's Charter

Last Updated:11-08-2015

To Provide Port Services of International Standards

To develop Kamarajar Port as a mega port with world class facilities to become the Eastern gateway Port of India

To attract private participation in development of cargo handling terminals and ensure safety of the ships and also marine environment

Brief Profile of the Organization
Kamarajar Port was developed from a green field situation in the East Coast of India at a distance of about 20km to the north of Chennai port. The Port was declared as a Major Port under the Indian Ports Act, 1908 in March 1999 and incorporated as a company (Ennore Port Limited) under the Companies Act, 1956 in October, 1999. The Port was commissioned in June, 2001 with two dedicated coal berths with 15m alongside depth and since then handles thermal coal for the power stations of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB). The Port has developed terminals through private sector participation to handle liquids,coal and iron ore. The Port is taking action for development of container terminal through PPP mode. The Port Management is functioning as a land lord Port with essential core staff.

Financial Performance
The KPL has a consistent track record of making profits and has been earning substantial returns on its investment. For the year 2010-2011, the Gross Earnings was Rs. 168.11 crores and the Net Profit after Tax was Rs. 55.58 crores. Kamarajar Port's financial performance for the last 3 years is given below

Particulars (Rs in Crores) 2010-11 2009-10 2008-09
Gross Earnings Rs.168.11 Rs.145.53  Rs.142.00
Expenses (Excl. Interest, Depreciation & Tax) Rs.032.35 Rs.030.84 Rs.035.33
Gross Profit before Interest, Depreciation & Tax Rs.135.76 Rs.114.69 Rs.106.67
Net Profit after Tax Rs.055.58 Rs.048.66 Rs.041.46
Proposed Dividend Rs.011.12 Rs.009.73 Rs.006.22

Functions and Responsibilities of various Departments

Marine Department
  1. Providing Marine Services such as Pilotage for Berthing, Un-berthing and shifting of Ships, Tug / pilot & mooring launch hire, Mooring Services, etc.
  2. Berthing allocation and implementation of priority berthing as per the Government circulars
  3. Capital and maintenance dredging
  4. Survey of harbor basin, channel, alongside Berths, etc.,
  5. Maintenance of Communication with Ships & Port users through Port Signal Station
  6. Maintenance of Navigational Aids & Communication equipments
  7. Ambulance (24 hours) for use of terminal operators / port users during emergency
  8. Occupational Health Center
  9. Maintenance and monitoring of safety for Port users
  10. Establishment and maintenance of Fire fighting facilities
  11. Monitoring of Air and marine / ground water quality
  12. PCS/EDI message interchange with Customs and Port Users
  13. Security Compliance as per ISPS code
  14. Traffic related issues
Operations Department
  1. Preparation of Annual Plan, Business Plan and Master Plan
  2. Preparation and execution of Action Plans
  3. Project appraisal and development
  4. Planning of road and rail network inside the Port to improve the traffic movement and also improve & creation external connectivity to the City/National Highway Network and Railway Network
  5. Creation and Maintenance of Civil infrastructures and structures
  6. Electrical Supply and maintenance to the port users
  7. Land matters
  8. Township development
  9. Engagement of consultant / contractors for preparation of Tenders, award of contract and supervising of execution of work
  10. Tendering and award of Contracts
  11. Arbitration matter
Finance & Company Secretary Department
  1. Preparation of Capital and Revenue budget based on the inputs from HoDs of All departments
  2. Appropriation of accounts, re-appropriations, surrender and savings
  3. Collection of all dues, fees, charges or other sums payable to the company
  4. Management of expenditure
  5. Audit and Administration of taxes
  6. Resource mobilization through loans, institutional finance, credit and investments etc
  7. Payments on due dates of sums due on account of interest, principal and sinking funds in respect of loans raised by the Company
  8. Financial concurrence and advice
  9. To maintain the cash balances at credit of the various funds of the company are invested in a manner most advantageous to the Company
  10. Legal and secretarial functions
  11. Organizing Board meetings, AGMs etc
  12. Filing of Statutory returns with RoC
  13. To scrutinize tenders, purchase proposals and agreements relating to all purchases
  14. Compilation of the Company's Annual Report from the information furnished by other Heads of Departments

Human Resource Development & Administration Department

  1. Recruitment and induction of new employees
  2. Declaration of Probation and Confirmation of employees
  3. Training for employees
  4. Increments Pay fixation
  5. Maintenance of Personal files
  6. Promotion
  7. Absorption of employees in deputation from other Govt. Organisations
  8. Leave register maintenance
  9. Welfare measures of the employees
  10. Processing of Medical, HBA & Vehicle Advance
  11. Vigilance and disciplinary cases
  12. Appeals/Reviews arising of disciplinary/vigilance cases
  13. Maintenance of Complaint Cell Register
  14. Periodical returns regarding complaints, Vigilance cases
  15. Implementation of Official Language- Hindi
  16. Transport
  17. Public Relations


Ennore Port functions on landlord model where in the Marine Services are dendered directly by the Port and the cargo handling services are rendered through BOT/ Terminal Operator. The following marine services such as are delivered by EPL:

  • Pilotage for Berthing
  • Un-berthing and shifting of Ships
  •  Tug/pilot & mooring launch hire Mooring Services.

    Stevedoring services / cargo handling services are delivered by the BOT / Terminal Operator.

  • Procedure to avail services

    1. Arrival of the vessel with required details to be informed by the Steamer Agent through PCS
    2. Berth allotment confirmed via PCS
    3. Import application to be filed by the Importer/Custom House agent for taking delivery of the import cargo from the Port on completion of Customs formalities
    4. Export application to be filed by Shipper/Custom House agent for landing the export cargo at the Port after completing the Customs formalities

    Charges for services provided

    • The relevent charges for the services provided are collected as per the Scale of Rates of Kamarajar Port

    Marine Services

    • Berthing / unberthing of vessels
    • Priority berthing is done as per the Government circular and on remittance of due charges
    • The berth hire charges are as per the Scale of Rates
    • The Port is committed
    • To safe movement and timely berthing / unberthing of vessels
    • Transparent allotment of berth on first come first serve basis/ cargo requirements and Govt. directives
    • If there is a breakdown / non-availability of floating crafts / stoppage of work / late reporting of staff
    • Manager (ME) shall be contacted

    Handling of POL Products

    • Terminal Manager, ETTPL shall be contacted

    Fire Fighting Service

    The Port is committed

    • To prevent fire by taking adequate safety measures & creating awareness of causes of fire among employees, port operators, user, etc.,
    • To extinguish fire and control the spreading of fire to other ships/areas, if a fire occurs
    • Remove oil spillage for preventing fire
    • In case of fire the Signal Station / Fire Station /Duty Officer/CISF/Dy.Manager(Safety)/Sr.Manager(ME)/GM (MS) shall be contacted
    • The Users can contribute enormously towards this service by informing the Port in advance regarding hazardous cargo expected to be handled so as to ensure adequate safety measures

    Issue of Gate Pass to vehicles for transport of cargo and commercial gate pass

    • Issue of passes for authorized Port Users and vehicles
    • Duty Officers (Pass Section) shall be contacted for this purpose
    • Any delay/deficiencies may be reported to GM (MS)
    • The Users shall ensure that they apply for passes as eligible by making payment of fees as stipulated and wait for their turn
    • The Users shall ensure that their contractors & sub-contractors and other employees providing services inside the Port are aware of ISPS Code compliances
    • The Users shall report any suspicious activity, object, person without any delay to PFSO/ Dy.PFSO/Signal Station/CISF Control
    • The Users shall ensure that they display the pass while inside the port premises

    Power/Water connection

    • For power connection exact location, etc., to be given in writing to GM(O)
    • For water supply exact requirement to be given in writing to GM (MS)
    • After examining feasibility the Port will intimate the payments to be made
    • On remittance of the amount, the port will make necessary arrangements to provide Power/Water supply

    Entry / Exit Channel of Cargo vehicles

    The Port is committed

    • To minimize the waiting time at the Gates thereby ensuring maximum turn over of vehicles (either way)
    • Any delay in exit/entry may be due to temporary congestions in which case the Control Room, CISF shall be contacted
    • It is expected that the Users comply with the Port security requirements, carry all requisite documents & certificates for the vehicle, etc., and wait for their turn in the queue

    Safety & Occupational Health

    • Any accidents whether minor / fatal is to be reported to the AM(safety) immediately
    • Occupational Health Center is operating 24/7 with adequate nursing staffs inside the port premises for the benefit of port operators / users
    • All Lifesaving First aid facilities are available in the OHC
    • Ambulance is available for 24hrs inside the port premises
    • In case of serious injures the patient will be taken to nearby Hospital after necessary first aid

    BOT Operators Contact Details

    Terminal BOT Operator
    Marine Liquid Terminal Ennore Tank Terminals Private Limited,
    3rd Floor, P.T.LEE, Chengalvaraya Naicker Maaligai,
    23,Rajaji Salai,Chennai - 600 001. Phone No:044-25219697
    Fax No: 044-25219696
    Contact Persons:
    Coal Terminal Chettinad International Coal Terminal,
    Rani Seethai Hall Building,6th Floor,
    603,Anna Salai,Chennai-600 006.
    Tel: 044-42988666

    Particulars of Key Officials

    CMD and Board of Directors (Full time)

    Sl.No Name and Designation Address/Phone No
    1. Shri M.A. Bhaskarachar
    Chairman cum Managing Director
    4th Floor, Super Speciality Diabetic Centre
    Rajaji Salai
    Chennai - 600001
    Tel: 044-25251666
    2. Shri . Sanjay Kumar
    Director (operations)
    4th Floor, Super Speciality Diabetic Centre
    Rajaji Salai
    Chennai - 600001
    Tel: 044-25251666


    Sl.No Name and Designation Address/Phone No
    1. Shri T.Kandasamy, IPS
    Chief Vigilance Officer
    4th Floor, Super Speciality Diabetic Centre
    Rajaji Salai
    Chennai - 600001
    Tel: 044-25251666

    Finance / Accounts & Secretarial Department

    Sl.No Name and Designation Address/Phone No
    1. Shri M. Gunasekaran
    1st Floor, Super Speciality Diabetic Centre
    Rajaji Salai
    Chennai - 600001
    Tel: 044-25251666
    2. Smt.Jayalakshmi Srinivasan
    Sr.Manager(Company Secretary)
    4th Floor, Super Speciality Diabetic Centre
    Rajaji Salai
    Chennai - 600001
    Tel: 044-25251666

    Operations Department

    Sl.No Name and Designation Address/Phone No
    1 Shri.V.Krishnasamy
    GM (CS & BD)
    Vallur Post
    Chennai - 600 120
    Ph: +91- 044 - 27950030
    2 Shri. P. Radhakrishnan
    GM (Operations)
    Vallur Post
    Chennai - 600 120
    Ph: +91- 044 - 27950030
    4 Shri. V. Nagarajan
    Chief Manager (Projects)
    Vallur Post
    Chennai - 600 120
    Ph: +91- 044 - 27950030

    Marine Department

    Name and Designation Corporate Office - Address/Phone No Port - Address/Phone No
    General Manager (MS)
    4th Floor, Super Speciality Diabetic Centre
    Rajaji Salai
    Chennai - 600001
    Tel: 044-25251666
    Vallur Post
    Chennai - 600 120
    Ph: +91- 044 - 27950030

    Officers designated under Right to Information Act 2005

    Name and Designation Department Designation under RTI Act 2005
    Smt.Jayalakshmi Srinivasan
    Company Secretary
      044-25251666 PIO
    Shri. Sanjay Kumar
    Director (O)
    044-25251666 Appellate Authority

    Officers designated under ISPS

    Name and Designation Department Designation under ISPS
    General Manager (MS)
    Marine 044-27950018 PFSO

    Ombudsman Person

    Sl.No Name Designation
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